5 Rad Things On The Web This Week.

I'm an information junkie. I spend a lot of time reading articles and finding ways to inspire creativity. Here's what I ingested this week so far. Feel free to leave your faves in the comment section below. Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin. I am surprised at just how much I like this podcast. Baldwin is laid-back, intelligent, and doesn't try too hard. Then there's that voice. This episode features the kingmaker of public radio, Ira Glass. I am a huge fan of Ira's podcast, This American Life, as well as the spin-off podcast, Serial.With lighthearted banter—and the occasional moment of profundity—Glass tells great stories and never takes himself too seriously. My favoutire part is him playing old tapes of his presenting style. Proof indeed that he didn't get where he is overnight.

Outside Magazine ~ Dean Potter. If I wasn't terrified of heights, I'd be a climber. I love watching videos and reading articles on outdoor extremists. Dean Potter is a guy I have been following for years and I felt like I knew him. A true visionary—called the Dark Wizard by his peers—Potter pushed it further than any climber or BASE jumper before him. Both he and his flying partner, Graham Hunt, were killed a week and a half ago after a wing-suit flight in Yosemite Valley went wrong. A ripple of sadness went beyond the microcosm of the climbing world and into the mainstream such was his creativity and vision. He will be missed.

Josh Garrels ~ The Coyle Report. Garrels is a truly unique performer. His style and soulfulness is the only true seamless meshing of the Christian and secular worlds that I know of. Part of that is due to the fact he doesn't go crazy on the JPM (Jesus Per Minute). His approach to his art is no less fascinating. This article breaks down the positives of giving your album away for free whilst simultaneously having a paid option on iTunes. It goes to show that putting his heart and soul into his art and rewarding his fans has paid off in more ways than just financially. He is a pure drop in an ocean of auto-tuned, radio-friendly dross and will be around long after the poseurs have gone. Legend.

David Foster Wallace Kenyon Commencement Speech. It's been ten years since DFW delivered this speech that is still as relevant today as it was then. Without a doubt my favourtie writer and his talent is sorely missed. A new movie, The End of the Tour--starring Jason Segel as Wallace, and Jesse Eisenberg as the journalist David Lipsky--is due to hit the screen in July of this year. It is based on a never-published Rolling Stone interview that Lipsky later turned into a book. Should be an interesting watch for the droves of DFW fans out there.



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