6 Online Time-Saving Tips.

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How busy is your life? Spend too much time on the Internet and not enough on more important things? I am online a lot, more than I'd like to be. Recently I developed a system, with the help of some great tools, that allows me to free up time and manage my online presence. Below is a list of six applications/sites to help you streamline your activities online.


Buffer is such an easy way to manage my tweets and load my pages of interest onto a platform that delivers them when I want. I can pre-program blog posts, quotes, photos, and news for my Facebook page and twitter feed. It definitely gives me balance and is run by some cool people, too.


Tired of scrolling through email subscriptions you can't even remember signing up for? Unroll.me is a game changer in email management. It identifies all your subscription emails and compiles them in a list giving you the option to unsubscribe from junk in one click.


Sometime it's the simplest ideas that are the best. I personally have spent way too much time entering incorrect password codes and just as many clicks opening the 'reset password' emails sent to me. LastPass is free (unlike Keeper) and allows the user to store all their passwords in one secure place. As they say themselves, 'It's the last password you'll have to remember”


I am a compulsive note-taker and journal writer, on paper. If you prefer keeping all your ideas in one place as opposed to stuck to your fridge, then Evernote is essential. Itineraries, notes, clips, research, interests, photos, webpages, links, audio, and so on are all stored in one place. And you can access them all from anywhere. Neat, huh?


Inbox filling up and need to prioritise? Send your mails to nudge@nudgemail.com with a date added in the subject field, it will then remind you on that day. You can do days, months, specific days, anniversaries, and put the unimportant stuff at arm's length.


I love music and love videos. WeTransfer allows me to send up to 2GB in a relatively short space of time. It is accessible anywhere and you get to watch funky screen savers whilst it transfers. All the recipient has to do is download it from their end, it even tells you when they do.

What are your favourite apps and sites?