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Part Six: Surround Yourself with Passionate People

"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."

Nelson Mandela.

The sixth and final part of Exploring the Intersection of Endurance and Creativity.

Being around passionate people is infectious. It doesn't matter what their passion is for, it's the level of passion that counts. It is also important to let people into what you are doing. It provides not only encouragement but the opportunity for constructive criticism and feedback.

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Taking The Leap

“Why wouldn't you want to do your best creatively and produce something amazing?” That was the question my wife asked as we brushed our teeth two nights ago. We had just watched Tomorrowland and I was waxing on how the movie did nothing for me due to it's predictability and general laziness on all fronts. And no, it's not because George Clooney's hair has greyed better than mine. She was asking the question that I have asked countless time, “where is the drive to make something different?” There have been countless Fast and Furious movies, I have lost track of the amount of super-heroes currently on the big screen, and everything from music to literature to art is being diluted down and thrown on the conveyor belt of mediocrity to make room for the next pile of replicated drivel.

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5 Rad Things On The Web This Week.

I'm an information junkie. I spend a lot of time reading articles and finding ways to inspire creativity. Here's what I ingested this week so far. Feel free to leave your faves in the comment section below. Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin. I am surprised at just how much I like this podcast. Baldwin is laid-back, intelligent, and doesn't try too hard. Then there's that voice. This episode features the kingmaker of public radio, Ira Glass. I am a huge fan of Ira's podcast, This American Life, as well as the spin-off podcast, Serial.With lighthearted banter—and the occasional moment of profundity—Glass tells great stories and never takes himself too seriously. My favoutire part is him playing old tapes of his presenting style. Proof indeed that he didn't get where he is overnight.

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Montage of Heck.

Have you ever looked around the world at which we live in and said to yourself, “There's a lot of crap out there.” You have? Good, I thought I was alone! I am drawn to anything creative. Books, movies, music, art, could be how creative you are at folding your clothes, if it is done with purpose and intent to create something that no one has before, then I'm on your side.

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