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Montage of Heck.

Have you ever looked around the world at which we live in and said to yourself, “There's a lot of crap out there.” You have? Good, I thought I was alone! I am drawn to anything creative. Books, movies, music, art, could be how creative you are at folding your clothes, if it is done with purpose and intent to create something that no one has before, then I'm on your side.

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Making Your Dream a Reality.

Whether managing an award-winning successful business in London, publishing a book, competing in various ultra-marathons, or taking on projects with big vision, there are certain characteristics I've needed in order to succeed. I don't profess to know any great secret to getting things done but I have learned along the way that there are a few methods—all learned, I might add—that help me see a project through. Discipline is essential if you want to succeed at anything. Whether you are an artist, musician, writer, photographer, or whatever, it is important to invest in yourself. This may mean removing distractions while you work (phone, Facebook etc.), getting regular sleep, and eating healthy. People with good self control are less conflicted and make better decisions.

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