God, The Master Storyteller.

Every good story needs resolution. It's what grips us in books and movies and has us cheering when the couple gets together or the dog finds his way home after a cross-country odyssey. For me, God is the original and master storyteller. He has told mine exceptionally well, even the parts I don't like. This morning, He resolved something that has consumed so much thought and time over the past few years, that I had resigned to never knowing the answer. Any of you who have read the book will know that towards the end there is a major turning point - redemption. It is a major resolving point in the story. At this critical juncture, a few people were, I believe, placed in my life to help that healing process begin. I am not going to spoil the story for those of you I know who are currently reading The Second Lap, so I'll be vague. Basically, I found myself in full surrender mode and standing alongside me for support were three people. I had never seen them before and after a few words of prayer from them, they were gone. I mean out-the-door, never-saw-them-again gone! Of course at the time I never gave it much thought. People come and people go. That is the transient modern-day world we live in. As the years passed, though, I spent more and more time day-dreaming about them. This mysterious man, his wife, and their son became an enigma. I asked others present who they could have been but came up none the wiser. Sometimes the mystery was so intriguing that I was content not to know. Over the years, they came up in conversation at many a dinner table or gathering, my friends being as intrigued as I was.

This morning I got up to face another Monday and had received a message from a very kind lady I know who lives in the United States. She proceeded to tell me that when she got to page 249, her jaw dropped. As the story unfolded, she realised that I had been talking about her brother who is based in Honolulu, Hawaii, and that they had been passing through on a visit. When I saw his actual name on screen, my face just beamed. This wonderful man had a name and so did his wife and son. I immediately went into stalk mode and searched the Internet for them. I didn't have much luck but at least know that I can get the info I need to write them and really thank them. I have been shaking my head in disbelief and gratitude today and I know this may sound far-fetched given I have never known this feeling, but I feel like an adopted kid finding out about their biological parents. I am grateful that I serve a God who has impeccable timing, one that shows me His ways are far, far above what I can even imagine--that every specific moment is His to do with as He pleases. It is such a privilege to be able to know that I am loved in this way and that my trust in Him is all I will ever need!