Idol Worship.

Idol Worship

What is happening to us? Have we gone so far up our own asses that we are in fear of disappearing, never to be seen again. I've had enough. I am referring to the recent Lance Armstrong melodrama. My opinion was asked various times by friends and online acquaintances, my answer: I don't have an opinion on it. It's none of my business. What I do have an opinion on is us and our insatiable appetite for all things celebrity. Allow me to pontificate, we are addicted to fame, period. Like most addictions some people can keep it in check by flicking through a gossip mag the way I sniff the occasional beer bottle, just to remind myself why I don't drink. Once the story broke though every man, woman and child had a rant because they felt cheated by him, folks I've got news for you, don't take it personally. You do not know the guy and by putting him on a pedestal to begin with become intertwined in the whole fame circus. The guy doped, the world will keep turning. Our need to hoist someone to the top of the mountain and bask in their glory is matched only by the stones we throw at them on their way down. My son told me one day he was going to buy a Porsche when he got older, I was impressed and my line of inquiry as to how he would afford it was not met with “Oh, I want to be a fireman Papa” or “I want to be a doctor” Instead he told me he wanted to be famous. Famous for what he didn't know, but a star all the same. We know the drill, we grow up idolising Superman and as we mature those idols change into sports stars, musicians, movie stars or whatever tickles your fancy. If it was some other cyclist who was, how shall I put this, boring and ugly do you think the world would have went as crazy and so many column inches been dedicated to it? No, of course not. But we can't help it, a young girl in Wales was missing at the same time and her story got drowned out, Syria was being burned to the ground and then of course there's the children dying of thirst and hunger that only get remembered once a year at a telethon or something like that. Our system and our mindset is flawed and we need to evolve our thinking, the things that are important are playing second, even third fiddle to over-hyped nonsense. He will pay the price as most other scandal-hit people in the public have in the past, and will in the future. Idolatry is a two-edged sword and it can cut deep, if you let it.

Image: Kevin Dooley