Part One: Ignoring Can't.

"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying."~ Michael Jordan

Part one of Exploring the Intersection of Endurance and Creativity.

The first step is speaking your idea into reality. Some people I know are what I like to call Fire-starters. They are big thinkers who see no obstacles and aren't afraid to fail. The majority of people, though, have an idea or the genesis of something that seems out of their grasp. It may never even pass their lips and that initial, life-affirming spark is soon deadened by the tapes playing inside their heads that say, You Can't!

Can't seems scary, it's not. When you get up close, you wonder why you feared it in the first place.

My journey to running 100 miles started on a brisk Sunday morning in a forest just outside of Paris five years previously. There was some spittle hanging from my chin as swear words were ejected from my mouth in between rapid inhalations and exhalations after running for a total of 15 minutes. By the time I caught my breath, I said to the masochist who got me into it, “I can't do this.” It took weeks of the same before I could comfortably run 5 miles without falling over from exhaustion. Over the years being disciplined and marginally upping my training has led me to be able to run farther in 24 hours than most people drive in a week.

Be very aware that Can't wants to keep you inside doing the things that require no effort. For me it was drinking. There's innumerable things that get in our way. Food, our iPhone/computer, drinking too much, smoking, TV series, video games... Choose your poison, it's a long list.

Creativity in any field is about taking risks—and failing. If you're afraid to be wrong, you'll never take the risk. And don't compare yourself to the cool kids with the sleek website who are doing the same jig as everyone else. Dance to your own tune. You posses something unique that only you can offer the world.

There is never a better time to do than right now. Resolutions and plans are all well and good, but they kill the spontaneity and thrill of taking the plunge.

To change your habits and take the first step, it is imperative that you get up and get out the door. Period. Inaction will only lead to more wasted time and dig you into a deeper hole. Endurance is something that can be trained over time and once you take that leap of faith, your mind will be blown by just how far you can go! Can't says it's impossible. I say, “What are you waiting for?”

Tomorrow in part two, Visualize the Goal.