Top Writing Tips.


#1 An empty page is not the enemy.

View it as a blank canvas with unlimited possibility. Procrastination on the other hand is the enemy.

#2 Carve out a time for work.

It is important to relax and concentrate, avoid simultaneous social networking, it leads to unnecessary distractions.

#3 Establish a routine and a sanctuary.

Some writers need complete quiet whereas other prefer having the TV on in the back ground or jazz music. Whatever works for you is all that matters.

#4 Take breaks. Too much is as bad as too little.

I like to go for a run to clear my head and usually come up with some of my better ideas, maybe meet a friend for a coffee or go for a walk. Sometimes the best stories are staring you in the face, you just have to take a step back to be able it see it.

#5 Practice.

Unless your name is Stephen King then chances are you are going to have to work hard at it (not saying it comes easy to the great Mr. King either) Finding your voice and style is paramount to progress, after you've written a few hundred thousand words you'll have a pretty good idea what it is you want to say.

#6 Carry a note-book.

Write ideas down or, if you have smart phone, use that. Inspiration strikes at the most unlikely of times and places, be ready.

#7 Warm up and don't rush the process.

Set realistic goals and don't expect results instantly, it's like marathon training, take the bad with the good. It can take time to feel out where the story is going.

#8 Revise your subject well.

It will help your mental preparation and give you some added focus.

#9 Don't edit as you go.

Keep the flow continuous, there will be plenty of time to edit afterwards.

#10 Print out what you write.

Scrolling through pages of manuscript on a computer screen tires the eyes quicker then reading from paper, it also gives your work a more tangible feel. Write notes and suggestions in the margin as well as grammar points.

#11 When in doubt, read aloud.

What makes sense in your head might not be as clear to your audience or your own ears.

#12 Be true to yourself and the subject.

Trying to please everyone is a sure-fire recipe for failure. Find your niche.

#13 Imagine you are writing to a wide audience.

Don't be afraid to think big or to push yourself, everyone has a story within.

#14 Enjoy it.