I speak on a variety of topics and have presented keynote messages to university students in the United States as well as smaller organizations in Paris, France, and Europe. My talks are built on the foundation of story and personal experience, and no two talks are the same! I cover a wide range of topics and can tailor-make a presentation to suit your event. Below are my most prominent themes.

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In a media saturated world of fame and competition, it can be hard to find who we really are. Trust me, I've struggled with this over the years, too.            



As a race-winning ultramarathoner, I know what it means to endure. But what if I told you that applying the same principles and mindset could change your everyday life and help you find untapped levels of endurance you never dreamed yourself to own.



Inside all of us is a drive to find our calling--the thing that sets us apart from everyone else. The publication of my first book was my own creative dream brought to life. Don't let your habits and self-imposed limitations rob you in your pursuit of creativity.