The Second Lap

A childhood in a small Irish town, a young adulthood managing posh pubs in London and then starting a family in Paris, France. On the surface it may sound like a perfect life trajectory. But for Malcolm McLoughlin it was also a slow descent into hell. Always an outsider, as a teenager McLoughlin thought he'd found his calling as a drummer in an Irish rock band. But even music wasn't enough to satisfy an inner craving for acceptance. He played the drums hard and he drank hard. Never one to do anything halfway, he tried to balance his extreme drinking with extreme running, until the drinking took over plummeting him into a downward spiral from which there seemed no escape. As the father of a young son and autistic daughter he loved dearly, he tried to keep his demons at bay through sheer willpower, but still his addiction had him staring down at an abyss that nearly took his life. The Second Lap is McLoughlin's harrowing and yet triumphant story of how his faith in God pulled him back from the brink, transforming him from one more alcoholic statistic into a father, ultra-runner and speaker who now inspires thousands with his message of hope and endurance.

Malcolm McLoughlin is a father, husband, ultra-runner, author, and speaker. He currently resides in the Parisian suburbs where he can most days be found running the trails.



"His life unraveled and running helped him stitch it back together again. A fascinating yarn about dealing with the devil and against all odds emerging victorious."

Dean Karnazes - Ultra-endurance legend and New York Times bestselling author of Ultramarathon Man