Hi, I'm Malcolm...

...but most of my friends call me Mally.

I wear many hats. I currently reside in the suburbs of West Paris where I follow the Lord with a really great community of people. I am happily married to my wonderful Val and have two great kids, Dylan and Pearl.

Ten years ago I was an alcoholic, coke-snorting, weed-smoking rock & roller. In 2010, I decided enough was enough, went through a week of hardcore cold turkey and came out the other side a changed man with never-quit mentality. I'm still rock & roll, but now I'm living the productive life I always believed was out of my reach.

I am very aware of what it means to have a platform touting me, but through interaction and storytelling I hope it will become more than just about Malcolm McLoughlin. I am extremely thankful that many have become interested in my story and started to live their own story a little better because of it. I don't claim to have any secrets to success but I do believe that commitment to all things... community, exercise, creativity, relationships and son on, can bring great fruit to ones life. I appreciate your time and friendship!

In no particular order, other things I am:

  • writer/storyteller
  • drummer
  • voracious reader
  • sobriety advocate
  • ultrarunner
  • mentor
  • adventurer
  • pearl jam fanatic
  • loyal friend
  • dreamer
  • creative
  • speaker
  • lover of the underdog
  • autism activist

Thanks for stopping by!


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