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Two Weeks To Go!

These past two weeks have been busy, mainly because I am trying to self-promote the book. Ugh, it really is tiring and not fun. I mean, who wants to talk about themselves a lot? This morning we had some talented friends over to film a short snippet that will go out around the time of […]

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What You Ingest, Is What You Desire.

Last week, three Islamic extremists shot and killed a bunch of civilians here in Paris. You will have heard about this on the 24/7 news cycle and seen #JeSuisCharlie written on every social media platform that exists. Everyone and their dog has an opinion on this and rightly so, it highlights the insanity of our […]

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Man flu

In Stubbornness And In Health.

I’m sick. Not just man-flu sick. But real sick. As in flu that breaks you down to a bumbling mess and crawling off the bed to go to the bathroom is like running a marathon. I should know, I’ve run a few. I went out for a 35km run on Friday morning and it went […]

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Why Drunks Make Good Ultra-Runners.

You ran how many kilometres? It’s a question I usually get in relation to being an ultra-runner. Ultra-running is competing in any distance above the standard marathon distance of 42.2k. I don’t really count 50k as being the ultra distance, for me it starts at 100k, or 50 miles. How did I arrive at this […]

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Father and Son.

It’s 2:00 am on December 26th and I can’t sleep. One of the most anticipated and celebrated days around the world is but a memory and, as I toss and turn, all I can think about is my father. Christmas day was joyous for us; family, food, gifts, and above all, celebration of the birth […]

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A Third Noël.

It’s kind of hard to believe that this video was shot two years ago. I look at the person in it and smile. I can honestly say that it is such an accurate time capsule for where I was at. Two years from now, I will have moved on even further, constantly growing in the […]

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