“His life unraveled and running helped him stitch it back together again. A fascinating yarn about dealing with the devil and against all odds emerging victorious.”

Dean Karnazes, New York Times bestselling author of Ultramarathon Man.


“In a world of platforms and pedestals, Malcolm isn’t just a commentator when it comes to the subject of endurance, he’s a living breathing embodiment. Whether you’re running toward something or away from it, Malcolm’s honest and gripping story will convince you to keep going.”

CJ Casciotta, Founder of Sounds Like A Movement.



“I took a lot of steps back to make those few vital steps forward. The challenges I’ve faced have all been footsteps in the greater plan.”

The Second Lap is Malcolm McLoughlin’s harrowing and yet triumphant story of how his faith in God pulled him back from alcoholism and the brink of death inspiring thousands with his message of hope and endurance.

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