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Time to Run

This past summer, I did less running than I normally do. It was for reasons that I've written about here before. If I'm being honest, summer is not actually my favorite time of the year to train anyway. I usually train through the Winter in order to peak for races in spring. In fact, I had probably one of the best racing seasons ever this year with a solid effort in a prestigious 50-miler and a win in a 6-hour race. The thing about putting in the effort over the winter and then reaping the rewards in races is this: you kind of feel like you deserve a reward after it all.

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Smiling Through The Suffering.

Great! Here I am again. Bent over, sweat stinging my eyes, legs burning, stomach churning, walking like I have just stepped out of a bar after three or four too many. Except I haven't walked out of a bar. I am at an aid station 55 km into an 80 km ultra-marathon. And the next 25 km are going to hurt! I used to have another blog called Running for Pearl, where I wrote race reports and learned about blogging, writing and running. It was fun and I often go back to read posts and look at all the times I could have given up, but didn't. I

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