Evolution is a part of life. Ideas, tools, technology... it all evolves. I started my first blog back in 2009 and it was called Running for Pearl. It was a way to document my running and the parallels between it and raising a child with autism. Writing has always been cathartic (cliche I know) for me. These days, I find myself writing less online in blog format. It doesn't mean I write less, I still fill notebooks with daily thoughts, plans, schemes, professions etc., but I just find the blogging medium to not be enticing for me anymore. My time is filled with a lot of other stuff and if I really wanted to make time to blog, I could. Fact of the matter is my blogging has been eclipsed by the evolution of probably my favorite online platform, Instagram. It allows me to post snapshots of my daily adventures and write little blurbs underneath—mini-blogging almost.

This makes no difference to the world at large but I felt an obligation to my readers who have stuck by my writings over the years to say that I will probably only sporadically update this blog in the future. For my adventure and training, please check out my Instagram and Strava or hit me up on Twitter.