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5 Rad Things On The Web This Week.

I'm an information junkie. I spend a lot of time reading articles and finding ways to inspire creativity. Here's what I ingested this week so far. Feel free to leave your faves in the comment section below. Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin. I am surprised at just how much I like this podcast. Baldwin is laid-back, intelligent, and doesn't try too hard. Then there's that voice. This episode features the kingmaker of public radio, Ira Glass. I am a huge fan of Ira's podcast, This American Life, as well as the spin-off podcast, Serial.With lighthearted banter—and the occasional moment of profundity—Glass tells great stories and never takes himself too seriously. My favoutire part is him playing old tapes of his presenting style. Proof indeed that he didn't get where he is overnight.

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